Micro rings:. We use I-tip keratin strands that fit perfectly into our micro rings.

We use aluminium micro rings with a silicone lining on the inside wall which protects the hair.


Keratin bonded strands:  We use Italian keratin which is very gentle on the hair. It melts without reaching a high temperature, so the hair does not suffer damage. Italian keratin is also stronger than most keratin, therefor the hair won’t slip out if cared for properly.

We use the I-tip shape, so that each strand can be used either for keratin hair extensions or micro ring hair extensions.

Put the fushion iron on the I-tip, when stalling the each strand. The heat from the fushion iron will open the keratin bond so that it can melt into the hair.

Our I-tip strands are 0.8g per strand.

Half a head: 50-75 strands

Full head: 100-125 strands

Celebrity head: 150+ strands

Keratin crystals are used to re-bond the hair every 2-3 months.